ERP System Solutions For Companies

Neparica ERP System is a single software product that serves the needs of the most mid-size Manufacturing Companies. This application can be customized to fit other industries such as ‘Healthcare’, ‘Retail’, ‘Hospitality’, and more. It provides integration to other departments and functions across a company into a single system that serves different departments’ particular needs. Neparica ERP System combines them all together into a single, integrated software program that runs on a cloud with a single database so that the various departments can easily collaborate, share information, and communicate with each other.

ERP System For Companies

Key Component of Neparica ERP

Master Module
  • Unit
  • Raw Materials
  • Distributor Details
  • Wholesaler Details
  • Retailer Details
  • Supervisor Details
  • Stock Details
Purchase Module
  • Purchase Details
  • Purchase Return
  • Purchase order
Sales Module
  • Sales Order
  • Company Customer Sales
  • Company Distributor Sales
  • Distributor Wholesaler Sales
  • Wholesaler Retailer Sales
  • Retailer Customer Sales
  • Company Consumer Sales Return
  • Company Distributor Sales Return
  • Distributor Wholesaler Sales Return
  • Retailer Customer Sales Return
Accounting Module
  • Journal
  • Income & Expense
  • Cash Flow
  • Day Book
  • Trail Balance
  • Balance Sheet
Payroll Module
  • Department
  • Packaging size and rate
  • Employee Detail
  • Employee Detail
  • Monthly Payroll
  • Weekly Payroll
  • Package Wise Payroll
  • Payroll System
  • Advance Salary
Product Module
  • Product Name
  • Product Description
  • The raw material used for production
  • Team members worked for production/packaging
  • Machine details used for production/packaging
Transportation Module
  • Vehicle Information
  • Driver Information
  • Route Information
  • Repair & Maintenance Expense
  • Fuel Expenses
  • Vehicle Route Mapping
Machinery Module
  • Machine Information
  • Spare Parts Information
  • Repair & Maintenance Information
  • Tools List
  • Sales Contract

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