Who We Are

Neparica, a global IT Company based in Chicago, USA has been providing a full range of IT-related services and solutions to governments and small to mid-size businesses around the globe since 2004. With it’s proven 4D delivery approach, Neparica Discovers, Designs, Develops and Delivers IT products and solutions which empower businesses to compete in today’s challenging environment.
Neparica helps its clients to grow their businesses by delivering them ‘on-time’ quality projects by utilizing our pool of Global Resources. We are capable of providing IT services and solutions in all major areas by leveraging our technical expertise, domain knowledge, and by leveraging the strategic alliances with leading technology companies such as, Microsoft, Amazon, Oracle, and many more.
Furthermore, we truly understand the IT challenges faced by small & medium-size businesses in today’s challenging environment. On one hand, the companies may not have a budget for large and designated IT teams. On the other hand, they can’t count on big IT companies to understand their operational model and prescribe the “Right People & Right Technology”. That’s where Neparica can be your trusted and affordable IT partner for sustainable business growth.
Neparica provides high-quality end-to-end IT solutions across the globe through unique models and methodologies to deliver on-time, cost-effective and efficient solutions. Our software professionals have multiple platform skills in Web Applications, Mobile Apps, and other various domains. Our project management staff have developed methods and structures that allow us to manage complex projects by keeping your timeline, cost, and expectations in mind.
Neparica is proud to be “ONE STOP IT PARTNER” for small to medium-sized businesses to help them in today’s competitive business world until they reach their optimum potential. Since we have in-depth knowledge and experience in all major Technologies and Platforms, we can prescribe you the right solution which not only saves you the cost but also helps you grow your business.
Whether you just need to build your company’s website or Mobile Apps or anything else feel free to explore our FULL LINE OF services and solutions based on your needs and let’s get connected.

Value Proposition

5 Simple and straight forward Value Propositions to win your business:
  • Faster Delivery Time:  We are capable to run 24/7 development cycles because of global presence.
  • Big Cost Saving: Our development center Nepal is 30-50% cheaper than other offshore locations.
  • Quality You Deserve: You don’t have to compromise the quality over cost. We have a dedicated USA based project oversight team.
  • Convenience:  One-stop Shop for all your IT needs;  USA based client engagement team.
  • Partnership:  We want to grow with you; Long-term partnership based on clients’ objectives is our core value.


Neparica strives to become a leading “1 Stop SMB IT Partner” in helping Small & Mid-size Businesses (SMB) through innovative technologies to reach and maximize client business goals by providing reliable, and scalable IT services and solutions. Our primary goal is to provide your company with the software tools needed to address real-world business issues and growth opportunities.
Neparica, with utmost customer-centric, consistently endeavor to be technologically innovative in order to enable enterprises to leverage technology for significant business advantages in a hard-to-win situation. Ultimately, our vision is to enrich and delight the small and mid-size businesses through reliable and innovative technologies that matter most.


The mission of Neparica is to utilize cutting edge technologies to offer the “Right & Affordable Solutions” to our invaluable clients, by truly analyzing their business and operational processes while gathering the requirements. This focus has allowed us to become a “true master of trade”, letting your business stride towards the summit of success in this cut-throat competitive world.
Neparica holds the mission to deliver on-time reliable IT-enabled services and solutions to meet our clients’ needs with top-notch quality, eventually providing delightful experience in advancing their business interests. Our practice focuses on creating state-of-the-art products by excelling in the technologies which are dominant in each sector.

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