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CMS and Marketplace System

Neparica has successfully implemented the project CMS and Marketplace System to the Government of Nepal, the Ministry of Forest & Soil Conservation. This project has fulfilled the wishes of both the government sector and the public sectors by bridging the communication gap between them; the citizens have direct access to the information that the government sector wants to convey. Now, the government is fully satisfied with this project. The project consists of the following features:

  1. Content Management System (CMS): The contents, in both English & Nepali versions of the app, display in accordance with the Back End. With the provided username and password, any authorized person can control the contents, i. e. adding and removing content from the page at the desired time slot.

Home Page: The Home Page of the web application looks very attractive and eye-catching since the entire architectural design and color combination are well- arranged.

  • About Us: About Us menu item consists of several sub links like Background of Board Formation, Chure Board Formation Order, Process of Board Formation, Board’s Secretariat and Cluster Offices, Board’s Fund, Board’s Programmes, Partner Organizations, and Organizational Structure. The contents under the About Us are well managed in a chronological order.
  • Map of Chure Region and other Descriptions: This menu Item consists of the links for Map of Chure Region, VDCs of Chure Region, River Systems of Programme Implementation in Chure Region, Forest Data of Chure Region, Parks & Wildlife in Chure Conservation Area, and Geographical and Demographical Information of Chure Region.
  • Policies & Laws: The links set under this menu Item are Forest Act 2049, Forest Rules 2051, Environment Protection Act 2053, Environment Protection Rules 2054, and Development Board Act 2013. As per client’s need, links can be added and removed as well as amended.
  • Research & Publication: Different research based publication regarding Chure Region can be included under this category or menu item.
  • Extension Material: Under this Menu Item, the extension materials related to the Chure Region can be added. It can operate fully meeting client’s need.
  • Notices: The Notices menu item that includes the information regarding this board except tenders and vacancies can function fully.
  • Guidelines, Circulars and Directives: The guidelines, circulars and directives proposed by this board can be kept in this sector.
  • Annual Budget & Programmes: In this menu item, the description and budget of the programmes conducted through the board and other implementing agencies in this fiscal year are included. It can operate smoothly in both versions.
  • Photos & Video Galleries: This menu item consists of the glimpses of photos and videos related to the Chure region and programmes enforced in this sector. Client can upload the photos and videos as his/her wish.
  1. Tenders: The Tenders menu item is specifically used for the tender invitation for the purchase of objects as well services needed in this board.
  2. Roster: In Roster menu item, there is the place where the roster expert of different sectors can fill their entire details.
  3. Vacancies: This Vacancies menu item is exclusively for the vacancy notifications for the different positions of this board.
  4. News Links: In this menu item, the news regarding Chure board/ region published in different news links can be tracked.
  5. Discussion Board: It is developed for the sake of collection of general people’s suggestion on particular issues (threats). General people can access to write their view regarding the burning issues raised in Chure. By registering, they can post their thoughts on particular issues.
  6. Chure Knowledge Forum: It is the space for the research based publications related to Chure region published by different agencies.
  7. Links: It consists of the links of different websites of government related organizations.

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