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Neparica Cooperative

Neparica Co-operative is an ideal for Co-Operative & Micro Finance institute/companies to manage packages for deposit, loan issue, shares, fixed assets, interest calculation, accounts open Share Holder list, Member list, Share statement, member statement, Accounts statement, Sahakari Reports etc.

Neparica Co-operative combines best features of an enterprise grade an economical value proposition for its best features and functionality  especially designed for Co-Operative & Micro Finance in Nepal. Neparica co-operative is used for transaction in the banks and more efficiently that has completely reduced paper work, accurate and information at a press of button, generates balance sheet with in the same time.

Neparica Co-operative consists of the following sections:

  • Saving A/c
  • Loans Section
  • Deposit Section
  • Daily Collections
  • L. accounting
  • Shares Sections
  • MSEB Section

Other Distinct Products

Neparica Prime SCMS