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Java technology is used to develop applications for a wide range of environments, from consumer devices to diverse enterprise systems. Like other programming languages, the Java language has its autonomous structure, syntax rules, and programming paradigm. The programming standard of Java language is based on the idea of object-oriented programming (OOP).

Neparica has built high performance, scalable, extensible and manageable Java applications in various domains using latest Java Frameworks through structured architecting, design and development and a proven implementation methodology. Neparica has developed various custom software, web applications, and desktop applications adopting the Java platform and been providing wide range of IT services to any type of business across the globe thereby rendering our clients a competitive edge to stand out in the marketplace.

Areas of Expertise

  • Languages: JAVA, J2EE
  • Application Programming Interfaces: Java Fx, Swing, JNDI, XML, Web Services, Log4J, Quartz Scheduler, Java Mail API, P6Spy, Apache POI, OpenCSV, iText, JCapcha, JAnalytics, Common IO’s, Google-Map, OFC GWT, Gwt-Chart, Hibernate4GWT(Gilead)
  • Frameworks: J2EE, Struts, Hibernate, Spring, JSF, AspectJ, Lucene, Velocity, Tapestry, GWT, GWT-P, Smart GWT, JQuery
  • ORM Tools: Hibernate, JPA
  • IDE: WSAD, Eclipse, JBuilder, NetBeans, InteliJ, MyEclipse, JBoss Developer Studio, Rational Web Developers, Dreamweaver
  • Application Servers: Web logic, Web Sphere, JBoss, Oracle Application Server, Apache
  • Testing: Junit, DBUnit, JProbe Suite, Fitnesse, Jukito, Mockito
  • Messaging Servers: ActiveMQ, JMS
  • Caching: memcached, OSCache
  • CMS: Alfresco, dotCMS
  • Configuration Management: Ant, Maven, Cruise Control, CVS, SVN
  • Reports: Jasper Reports, BIRT
  • CI: Jenkins, Hudson, Cruise Control
  • Rule Engine: Open Rules, Drools
  • Security: JAAS, JSSE, Spring Acegi