"Local IT Partner with Global Resources"

IT Staffing

Our skilled, experienced, reliable, specialized and committed staff help you reduce costs and risks substantially ensuring high quality of output. Neparica offers you various options to outsource your IT Staffing Solutions from professionals specialized in all major Technologies and Platforms like Java, .Net, PHP and  Ruby on Rails to meet your needs.

Permanent Staffing (Full Time Equivalent): Neparica can provide you with highly skilled, pre-evaluated technology professionals for a variety of functions permanently or on a full time basis. Get competent IT experts who will work for you to grow your business.

Contract Staffing: Our contract staffing services enable you to fill short-term needs for qualified employees. Hiring IT resources on contractual basis during slow-period allows your business to maintain proper staff level, support upcoming projects and meet seasonal requirements. As per your business need, we offer flexible staffing solutions on both short and long term contract basis.

Remote-Work Staffing: Neparica provides a full spectrum of IT staffing services worldwide to organizations that require on-demand technical expertise. Our IT experts will work for you from remote, stationed in different parts of the world. We offer access to an established network and provide offshore IT resources to fulfill all of your staffing needs.