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The iPhone is the most widely used Smartphone in US and European countries. With a high rate of adoption of smartphones and tablets in the enterprise today, mobile apps form an essential aspect of any truly effective enterprise system.

Since our team at Neparica has vast experience in Mobile software solutions through our experts in iOS, we provide flexible and enterprise-grade quality services to our clients. Neparica has been developing powerful yet sophisticated iPhone applications by using latest iPhone SDK and iOS platform that support Apple phones and tablets. Currently, Neparica is developing “Beauty Salon Management System” for the iOS Platform to the client in US.

iOS Expertise

Our expertise in Objective C programming, iPhone SDK, and the Xcode IDE is complemented with in depth understanding of the major iOS core frameworks, and is based on variety of tools and technologies as listed below:

  • Use of native Objective-C to develop state-of-the-art mobile applications for iOS
  • Core frameworks (Core Data, Core Motion, Core Animation, Core Audio, Core Image, Core Location etc.)
  • Building complex graphics applications using OpenGL ES, GLKit and SceneKit
  • Game Center and Bluetooth multiplayer game experience
  • Map and Geolocation Service integration via MapKit and CoreLocation framework
  • Test Driven Development, Automated UI Testing and Continuous Integration through Xcode and OS X Server
  • Supporting different devices and configurations (screen size, platform version, device type)
  • Profiling and analyzing using Instruments
  • Social platform integration using native Social Framework