"Local IT Partner with Global Resources"

Human Resources

Human Resources (HR) refers to everything related to the employer-employee relationship. HR Industry doesn’t consist of a single activity or function but a huge network of them. In present context, globalization has complicated the HR role, creating new challenges, such as managing employees and overseeing employee regulations in different countries and cultures, while technology has created a new array of opportunities for streamlining HR administration and practice-everything from putting benefits programs online to e-learning to automating payroll and other administrative HR tasks.

Neparica’s consulting services has helped many HR Departments with one or all aspects of human resources management and process improvement globally. Similarly, our cutting-edge services, such as deploying the right Technology architecture, applications and policies that allow HR to automate processes and eliminate many of the more labor-intensive transactional and administrative processes that have burdened HR professionals for ages. Neparica has successfully implemented the project Resume Management System to “Lucky Hr Solution”, one of the biggest Human Resources companies in Nepal.

Neparica offers the following HR specific services to help the industry realize its full potential:

  • HR Management System
  • Custom Workflow Applications
  • Industrial Automation
  • HR Marketplace System
  • Website: Design, Development and Promotion