"Local IT Partner with Global Resources"


As a global IT company, Neparica has a long history of development focused on providing a dynamic way of software solutions, high quality products, and cost effective IT services. For more than 12 years, we have been a stalwart company focusing on effective and prompt services keeping trustworthy relationships with our clients, partners and employees.

Neparica has a growing global presence with its branch offices in Nepal and India. Neparica workforce has served a wide variety of customers that includes small companies, large companies, financial organizations, nonprofit organizations, government sectors, schools, colleges, hospitals, medical centers and many more. These wide range of customers have given us a sense of satisfaction, widen our horizons and ability to be flexible as per need.

We at Neparica believe that “Straightforwardness is an ultimate intricacy” and always endeavor to build effective, prompt and scalable technology solutions that fulfill clients’ requirements in the most flexible ways. Our knowledge and expertise across these changing paradigms have helped our clients and their customers manage “multi-vendor inter-operability“. Neparica has worked on various products utilizing multiple changing prototypes in the computing ecosystem. People take pride in their history but we have always taken it as a learning experience to add beauty and compatibility to our upcoming projects.