"Local IT Partner with Global Resources"


Various companies under Travel Industry have been facing trouble due to very complex and challenging operational environment. In order to mitigate today’s higher levels of demand supply chain,  companies in this business have to  strive rigorously to achieve, sustain and win customers’ loyalty, enhancing its retention.

To minimize the recent global challenges in the travel industry, the proper adoption of streamlined IT infrastructure and the advent of technology have made it extremely easy for the clients to get best advantages through numerous online options as they are searching for more socially accountable and eco-friendly options to travel.

Neparica has already provided IT services and solutions to our clients such as MKtravel Mart & ToursSky Bird Travel & Tourism, and Holiday Adventure. We offer the following differentiated services leveraging new technology solutions for the Travel Industry:

  • Airline Ticket Reservation Applications
  • Central Reservation Systems
  • Applications for Finance & Accounting
  • Payment and Billing Applications
  • Loyalty Management
  • Room Reservation Applications
  • Self-Service Customer Portals
  • Help Desk Applications