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Ruby on Rails

At Neparia, we have strong experience in building highly customized applications using Ruby on Rails and its ecosystem. We have leveraged the Model-View-Controller model of Rails to deliver highly scalable web applications and SOA-based web-services for 3rd party consumption. Great services around Rails cannot be delivered without the knowledge and deep understanding of several concepts: Relational Databases, Caching (Key-value) data stores, Web and Application servers, latest Javascript frameworks, HTML5/CSS3, Messaging systems,Pub-sub mechanisms and various Cloud services.

Within Neparica, we have setup a Ruby-on-Rails practice to learn, adopt and implement these concepts in production. Our teams go beyond churning out code. They build products, solutions and service accelerators with continuous support and improvement. With strong Agile practices and a continuous feedback loop – the products delivered work with ease, efficiency and power. Currently, we are working on the project Mission Management System using this technology for the Government of Nepal.

Areas of Expertise

  • Database: Mongo DB, NEO4J, MySQL, PostGRE, Oracle
  • Development Platforms: AWS, Heroku, Softlayer, Rackspace
  • Application Frameworks:JS, Angular.JS, Ext.Js, Google Web Toolkit, Jquery
  • Front End: HTML/HTML5, Bootstrap/Responsive Web, CSS and Javascript, Ajax, Responsive UX Design

Other Expertise

Java Microsoft .NET PHP iOS Android