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The publishing industry produces a variety of publications, including magazines, books, newspapers, and directories. The biggest problems facing book publishers today are disappearing bookshelf space at bookstores, the growing problem of how readers will discover new authors and books, and the fast pace of change across the industry. The current era of technological revolution has affected Publication industry challenging the very existence of the outdated business models.

As digital publishing matures, the industry is moving from producing the digital content online to providing information online in a variety of different electronic formats. With the advent of core technology companies into the publishing space, it has become essential for the publishers to adopt technology as a speedy vehicle of progress to endure and compete. Neparica has been serving different publication houses in Nepal. Among them, “Satyal Publication” & “Living with ICT” have already realized the advantages of leveraging advanced technology provided by Neparica.

Neparica offers the following specialty services to help Publication Industry grow profitably, addressing the current business and operational challenges faced by the Industry:

  • Custom Software Development
  • ePublishing Services
  • Graphics & Image Editing Services
  • Data Digitization Services