"Local IT Partner with Global Resources"


Other than the industries that are listed here, Neparica serves many industries and areas, including Manufacturing, Hospitality, Technology, Transportation, Real Estate, Sports and Entertainment. Neparica has become an ideal partner for a large number of companies involving to various industries and segments for more than 12 years with its proud accounts.

Organizations in the manufacturing sector are investing profoundly in IT to turn around their mission-critical business processes and manufacturing operations and help better collaboration with suppliers, partners and customers. In Manufacturing, we are helping the corporations like TSN Corporation and Rijal Food Product in Nepal, deploying the right technology and highly customized applications to grow their businesses.

Additionally, we provide IT-enabled services to the rest industries like Hospitality, Technology, and Transportation, exploring their true business needs. In order to help clients achieve their business goals and technological advantages, we have extensively worked with them across the wide range of industries around the globe. We are providing reliable, stable and highly processional enterprises services and solutions such as CRM, ERP, eCommerce, Enterprise Portals, and other IT services that suit your business needs with entire satisfaction.