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Neparica Prime SCMS

Neparica Prime – The School/College Management System is a multipurpose software developed by Neparica for educational institutions to manage account, library, inventory, students, teachers, employees, courses and all the systems and processes related to running institutes, schools, colleges as well as other training centers efficiently. It has been developed with convenience of users in mind. Considering the fact that each and every school or college is different in terms of system and policy, SCMS has been engineered to have customization to fit the need of every institution. Therefore, the users can start it with basic plans and can enhance as well as upgrade/customize to professional plans as needed. SCMS allows users to store almost all of their institutional information electronically, including information on students, employees and so forth.

Most importantly, this information can be easily shared with authorized users. The records can be searched, and reports can be easily generated using this system. The SCMS not only saves the time and  cost in long run, but also provides all the tools needed for modern day computerized system by providing the high quality standard to run an educational organization. SCMS has different modules but it has been integrated into one package as a desktop application so that the users can benefit out of it.

Module 1: Student Management System

  • Student Details
  • Student Evaluation
  • Student Admission
  • Student Fee (monthly/annually)
  • Discount/Scholarship
  • Bill Preparation
  • Fee Receipt
  • Mark-sheet Generating & Printing

Module 2: Employee Management

  • Employee Entry
  • Employees’ Personal Account
  • Payroll

Module 3: Library Management

  • Books Categories
  • Books Master
  • Books Borrowed
  • Books Returned
  • Books Monitoring
  • Lost & Damage
  • Books Inventory

Module 4: Account Management

  • Account Group
  • Account Sub-group
  • Account Master
  • Journal Voucher
  • Income & Expenses
  • Trail Balance
  • Balance Sheet
  • Vendor
  • Customer
  • Share Holder

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