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Beauty Salon Management System

Neparica is now designing the Beauty Salon Management System App for the US based business company. This App is highly beneficial for the Beauty Salon owners and the clients who are seeking to get the best services within their desired time and space. Apart from the information of Beauty Salon regarding opening & closing hours, general people can have the access to select the service centers available nearby their business area and reserve the time via this app. This App fit and supports for both iOS & Android smartphones.

The App covers up the features such as Beauty Salon Tracking and Reservation, CMS and Enrollment Section, Email Notification System, Super Admin section and Beauty Salon Notification.

Beauty Salon Tracking & Reservation System

  • This application will track the multiple numbers of the Beauty Salons as per client’s need in the area.
  • Users will be able to search their desired business located nearby via Search Location Mapping.
  • The App will feature Opening & Closing time of business which enables users to book the desired time slot of desired business within the opening hours of business.
  • Booking feature allows user to book the desired business whenever they want.

CMS & Enrollment Section

  • The Content management System allows site owners to add, delete, update and view the information regarding the main website.
  • The user can control the information as needed via CMS
  • The system will have a section for customer enrollment and payment.

Email Notification System

  • Through the system, a Salon Owner can get the notification regarding the reservation made by a customer.
  • There will be an email notification system for membership/subscription information to the salon owner or operator.

Super Admin Section

  • Business Owner can handle the entire business through Super Admin Section.
  • There will be a Dashboard for further information.

Beauty Salon Notification System

  • The App allows the Beauty Salon owners to register for the first time when it is downloaded.
  • The App displays the notification to the Beauty Salon owners providing the time of appointment and type of service requested by the customers.
  • Beauty Salon owners can input the available time slots for the service they offer as per appointment/reservation notification sent by the customers.

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