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Today, the Android platform is the extensively used platform for smartphones globally and it is a must for any company developing apps for the smartphone users.

Neparica has built up a robust and dedicated android application development team. Our qualified Android application developers have in-depth knowledge in Java platform to develop robust Android Apps for multiple devices. We have been executing Android Apps ranging from simple to complex Android solutions. Currently, Neparica is developing “Beauty Salon Management System” for the Android Platform to the client in USA.

Android Expertise

Neparica Android team leverage the comprehensive set of development tools of the Android SDK to explore the unlimited mobile development possibilities. Our Android expertise is based on variety of tools and technologies as listed below:

  • Android SDK APIs and tools such as Emulator, ddms, dmtracedump, Draw 9-patch, Hierarchy Viewer, hprof-conv, traceview, zipalign, monkey, monkeyrunner and many others
  • C/C++ programming using Android NDK
  • Core App components (Activities, Fragments, Services, Content Providers, Intents, Processes and Threads, App Widgets, Data Storage, Sync Adapters…)
  • Google Services APIs (Google Maps, Google Play In-App Billing, Google Cloud Messaging…)
  • Graphic Libraries (2D and 3D with OpenGL)
  • Client-server architecture using various mechanisms (REST, SOAP)
  • Supporting different devices and configurations (screen sizes, platform versions, languages)
  • Fully instrumented, scriptable test environment
  • Mobile specific Continuous Integration Server (Jenkins which is configured for specifically for Android development)
  • Built-in memory analysis, performance/CPU profiling, OpenGL ES tracing.
  • Connectivity (Bluetooth, NFC, SIP…)
  • Integration with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media platforms